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What products do Csonkagroup.com sell?

2024. február 05. - Fürdő Tamási

What products do Csonkagroup.com sell?


Csonkaglas Ltd., functioning today as a group of companies, named Csonkagroup, was founded by our father, Csonka Tivadar in 1982.

Several advantages of the family enterprise can be observed what the leading, directing of the 52 countries of 5 continents distributing group concerns. The production was started a long time ago in a family house’s garage, and became for these days a production site with about 60 employees, with own headquarters on 5000 quadratmeter built in the territory.

The key to our success is our commitment to quality, constant development, reliability, and equal cooperation with our partners. Excellent European glass raw material, certified quality, continuous development of technical and technological possibilities, and many years of experience with heat-resistant glass guarantee high-quality products.


Today, the company’s product range means the manufacture of household and laboratory glassware, the distribution of glass tube products.

Premium quality Trendglas products are currently exported directly to 52 countries in 5 continents from our warehouses in Sopron (Hungary) and Jena (Germany), and in Germany alone, the products are offered by more than 700 specialist retailers.

The excellent European raw material, the certified quality, our specialists, the continuous development of technical and technological possibilities, and the many years of experience gained with heat-resistant glass guarantee premium quality processed products.

Since 2006, we have been exhibiting with great success and always new products at the Ambiente International Exhibition and Fair (Frankfurt), which is one of the largest trade fairs for consumer goods in the world.

At the end of 2019, Csonkagroup put into operation one of the most modern laser glass processing centers. We are successfully using the new technology for Trendglas JENA household glasses. Trendglas is currently the only one in the world which supplies products made with such a process.

At our company, the art of crafting precision laboratory glassware and glassware for laboratory use has been at the heart of our operations since our inception. Our journey began in 1996, and from the very start, we have been committed to excellence in the field of glassware production. Over the years, we have not only established ourselves as a leading manufacturer but have also become the trusted distributor of renowned German-made Schott Duran® laboratory glassware and heat resistant glass. Our dedication to quality and service extends to our branch office in Budapest, where we continue to expand our offerings.

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